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The English Department computer classrooms in the Memorial Field House have new equipment.  The after consultation with various faculty and IT support, the department’s Tech Committee recommended the replacement of our aging dual-system Macs (Win / OSX) with Windows-only laptops.  Rob Bruno, Grant and Instructional Student Technology Administrator for the College of Language, Literature, and Social Sciences and for the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, points up the advantages of laptops this way:

Laptops provide better line-of-sight to the front, and from the front to the back. Laptops also give the instructor a little more control in the classroom. When the instructors wants all eyes to the front, simply tell the students to close their laptops. If that doesn’t work, these laptops are configured with a utility that allows the instructor to see each screen, lock out applications, lock out a user, blank a screen, share screens, pop-up quizzes, and much more. I look forward to the comments from the English faculty teaching in these rooms.

    The instructor’s station, outfitted with an identical laptop, also has an additional DVD player, a document camera, and AV inputs for additional equipment.

    Many thanks to Rob and his support staff who worked on the upgrade.

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